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Top tips for choosing your eye surgeon:


Choose a surgeon who has access to all the different treatment options

If you see a surgeon who only performs LASIK, the chances are you will be told you need LASIK. Other options may be more suitable.

With South Coast Vision, the full range of corneal and lens-based refractive treatments are available.

Choose a surgeon who is not financially dependent on "selling" you surgery.

Many larger providers or chains who offer 'free' consultations are dependent on "converting" patients to have surgery. Surgery may not be in your best interests, and a reputable, ethical surgeon will tell you this, rather than embarking on a sales pitch. Although the consultation with a private surgeon may not be free, you are paying for the surgeon's time, diagnostic skills and expert judgement.

Choose a surgeon who is accessible.

If you have queries or problems, it is important you can contact your surgeon easily, rather than being directed to a call centre. is monitored by Mr Turnbull himself, so you can contact him at any time.

Choose a surgeon who is...a surgeon!

This sounds odd, but at many clinics your measurements and consultations will be undertaken by nurses and opticians, and you will only meet the surgeon on the day of surgery, or very briefly beforehand. While these highly trained professionals are excellent at their job, nurses and opticians are not surgeons and may not be able to offer you an in depth analysis and recommendation.

With South Coast Vision, all consultations, diagnostic scans and surgery are personally undertaken by Mr Turnbull.

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