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The gold standard in laser vision correction

LASIK surgery is an effective treatment option for nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. It also forms the basis of PRESBYOND treatment for presbyopia.

LASIK has been around for approximately 30 years, and has evolved during this time to become a highly accurate and safe approach to laser vision correction. Modern wavefront optimised femto-LASIK is considered the gold standard of laser vision correction, meaning it is the procedure against which all others are compared. As such, it is the most popular form of laser vision correction, although SMILE is now often a better option for myopia. 

With femto-LASIK, a femtosecond laser creates a flap of tissue in your cornea. This flap is then lifted up and a different laser, the "excimer" laser, is used to gently sculpt and reshape the cornea to reduce your prescription. The flap is then replaced. Visual recovery is rapid and patients tend to see a lot better within an hour or two. The vision often continues to improve and stabilise over the next few weeks.

LASIK is remarkably safe, but as with all surgery there are some risks to be aware of, including:

  • Under or over-correction of your prescription

  • Dry eyes

  • Difficulties with night vision including glare and haloes (more common in the early postoperative period)

  • Ectasia (where the cornea is weakened and progressively changes in shape)

  • Flap problems such as dislocation

  • Infection or inflammation causing loss of vision

Unlike SMILE which is limited to a few select clinics and surgeons, LASIK surgery is widely available in most vision correction clinics. At Laser Vision Eye Centre, I am fortunate to have access to the latest technology from Carl Zeiss Meditec, meaning I can offer LASIK, SMILE or surface ablation according to your individual needs and preferences. One size does not fit all and the key is finding the right solution for you.

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