Peer-reviewed publications


Mr Turnbull has been contributing to the advancement of ophthalmology for over a decade, including two chapters in textbooks, and his work has been cited over 200 times by other authors.

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    1. ​Recognised as a Landmark Paper by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

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Invited book chapters and expert opinion pieces

  • Borbara R, Turnbull AM, Hossain PN, Anderson DF, Borbara A. Epidemiology of Keratoconus.

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  • Borbara R, Turnbull AM, Malem A, Anderson DF, Hossain P, Konstantopoulos A, Borbara A. Epidemiology of Keratoconus.

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  • "IOL calculations after radial keratotomy" - invited commentary regarding our recent research into improving accuracy with intraocular lens calculations after RK

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