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State of the art, minimally invasive laser vision correction

If you’re considering laser surgery to correct nearsightedness and / or astigmatism, small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) may be a good option.

SMILE is the latest generation of laser eye surgery. It is minimally invasive, highly accurate and unlike LASIK, it does not require the creation of a flap. This has several theoretical advantages:

  • No risk of flap problems e.g. dislocation

  • The eye is left stronger than it would be after LASIK

  • The corneal nerve supply is less affected, meaning fewer issues with dry eyes

Because of these benefits, SMILE is now my preferred option when treating myopia.

It takes an average of 23 seconds for the laser to create a small lens-shaped piece of corneal tissue (called the lenticule) inside the cornea. The surgeon then removes the lenticule through a small incision in the outer part of the eye. This reshapes the cornea and corrects the refractive error.

Unlike LASIK, SMILE is an almost silent, odourless procedure and you can remain in the same position from start to finish.

Disadvantages of SMILE compared to LASIK are:

  • the visual recovery takes a little longer (you will probably have "Vaseline vision" for 2-3 days)

  • long-sightedness cannot currently be treated (but this is in development)

  • it cannot currently be used to perform PRESBYOND treatment for presbyopia

SMILE is exclusively available using the Visumax laser from Carl Zeiss Meditec. Find out more here.

Whereas LASIK surgery is widely available in most vision correction clinics, SMILE is limited to a few select clinics and surgeons. At Laser Vision Eye Centre, I am fortunate to have access to the latest technology from Carl Zeiss Meditec, meaning I can offer SMILE, LASIK or surface ablation according to your individual needs and preferences.

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