Presbyopia is the age-related reduction in reading vision. It occurs due to the loss of accommodation, which is your eye’s ability to increase its natural focusing power. This happens gradually to everybody, usually after the age of 40.


If you are long-sighted, you may notice presbyopia earlier than most. This is  because you need to “accommodate” at all distances to keep things in focus. Once this ability starts to reduce, you will quickly become more dependent on glasses for reading.


Presbyopia can be corrected in several ways:

  • Glasses (simple reading glasses, or varifocals)

  • Multifocal contact lenses

  • Contact lenses using monovision

  • Reshaping your cornea with laser (PRESBYOND™ LASIK, or monovision)

  • Replacing your natural lens with an artificial lens of different power (“Refractive Lens Exchange; RLE”). Options for this include:

    • Trifocal lenses

    • Extended depth of focus (“EDOF”) lenses

    • Monovision using monofocal lenses


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