Fees: Self-Pay and Insurance

Mr Turnbull is recognised as a specialist provider by the following insurance companies:


Private medical insurance usually covers standard cataract surgery and pterygium surgery, amongst many other general ophthalmic procedures and consultations. Refractive vision correction procedures such as laser vision correction, refractive lens exchange and refractive cataract surgery with premium intraocular lenses are not usually covered by insurance and must be self-funded. Please check with your Insurer to confirm what is covered under your individual policy. 


Self-funding is also necessary if you do not have private medical insurance with one of the above companies.

Self-Pay Fees

Surgery / Procedures

  • Cataract / refractive lens surgery with or without toric (astigmatism correcting) lens (code C7122): £3,000*

  • Cataract / refractive lens surgery with multifocal or extended depth of focus lens: £3,500

  • Pterygium surgery (code C3960): £2500

  • YAG laser capsulotomy, one eye (code C7340): £600

  • YAG laser capsulotomy, both eyes (code C7341): £1000

  • Insertion of punctal plugs for dry eyes (code C2920): £150

  • Iris reconstruction: £POA


  • Initial consultation (code 20300): £210

  • Follow-up consultation (code 20310): £150

  • Virtual consultation (telephone or video) (code 20360): £75

Diagnostics (all of the below are required for patients seeking more spectacle freedom after cataract surgery)

  • Biometry (code OP014): £75

  • Optical coherence tomography (code OP025): £75

  • Corneal topography (code OP007): £75


For any procedures not listed, please contact info@southcoastvision.co.uk for details.


*Unlike most providers, with South Coast Vision there is no extra cost for astigmatism-correcting toric lens implants when having cataract surgery on a self-pay basis. Astigmatism is a common problem and it should be corrected when necessary. There are anatomical thresholds for the use of toric lenses and it is about finding the "best fit" for your eyes based on precise measurements. It would not be fair to charge extra just because your eye is a certain shape - that would be like having to pay more for shoes depending on your shoe size! 


Astigmatism is one of Mr Turnbull's key areas of expertise, and as such he carefully analyses the measurements of each eye to decide whether or not a toric lens is required. As much time and effort goes into deciding that you don't need a toric lens as goes into deciding that you do, ensuring that the best solution is found for the specific optics of your eye.